We recommend the following hotels for your reference (We also have made reservations for you. After showing the hotel you are a MSN attendee or telling them order serial number 5860, then you can check in):





2.Home inns hotel (如家快捷酒店)

Tel: 010 62612266

Reference price: 389

Address: No. 49, Beisanhuan West Road, Haidian District (near the Renmin University subway station).

3.Hanting hotels (汉庭酒店)

Tel: 010 82656868

Reference price: 351

Address: Building 9, Sanyi Temple, Beisanhuan West Road, Haidian District.

4.Seven-day hotel (七天酒店)

Tel: 010 88411855

Reference price: 421

Address: No. 6, Weigong Village Road, Haidian District (intersection of Weigong Village Road and Western Road of Minzu University).